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Acacia Aromatherapy

Unwind - Essential Oil Roller

Unwind - Essential Oil Roller

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A calming blend to bring tranquillity to your mind anywhere anytime.

· Relax · Contemplate · Floral ·

The Unwind essential oil blend roll-on brings you the floral notes for relaxation on the go. Set your mind free with an intoxicating aromatic fusion to promote tranquillity. This natural blend creates an enriching aromatherapy session designed for contemplation and relaxation. Uplifting floral notes of lavender and German chamomile are grounded by woody scents of cedarwood atlas and sandalwood to deliver a meditative experience.

10ml Essential Oil Roller

Apply the roll-on to pulse points near the face such as the neck and temples or underneath your nose.

100% pure and natural oil of:
Sunflower Seed*, Sweet Orange*, Lavender*, Jojoba*, Camellia*, Marjoram*, Cedarwood*, German Chamomile*, Basil*, Sandalwood* & Rosemary CO2 Extract*. (*Certified Organic)

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