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Acacia Aromatherapy

Stress Release - Essential Oil Roller

Stress Release - Essential Oil Roller

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Balancing & sedative blend to calm your senses & help you feel soothed.

· Soothe · Balance · Mild ·

Relieve your stress by creating a sense of serenity anywhere anytime. The floral fusion of lavender and ylang-ylang promotes positive emotions, tempered by the soothing effects of tea tree and bergamot. Unravel the tensions built up throughout the day for an enriching and soothing aromatherapy experience.

10ml Essential Oil Roller


Apply the roll-on to pulse points near the face such as the neck and temples or underneath your nose.

100% pure and natural oil of:
Sunflower Seed*, Lemon*, Lavender*, Jojoba*, Camellia*, Ylang Ylang*, Tea Tree*, Bergamot* & Rosemary CO2 Extract*. (*Certified Organic)

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