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Acacia Aromatherapy

Sleep Well - Essential Oil Roller

Sleep Well - Essential Oil Roller

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Soothe your mind & promote a sense of peace.

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Apply the Sleep Well essential oil roll-on before bed to let it rest your mind with a soothing infusion. Allow your mind and body to feel truly at ease and bask in relaxation after a long day. This portable, travel-friendly roll-on will reward your senses and inspire contemplation with the soothing fusion of floral and spice.

10ml Essential Oil Roller

Apply the roll-on to pulse points near the face such as the neck and temples or underneath your nose.

100% pure and natural oil of:
Sunflower Seed*, Lavender*, Tea Tree*, Jojoba*, Camellia*, Frankincense*, Cinnamon*, Rosemary* and Rosemary CO2 Extract*. (*Certified Organic)

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