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Magnesium Spray - Pure

Magnesium Spray - Pure

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200ml Spray Bottle

Discover purity for the whole-family Wellness


Our Pure Magnesium Spray, a symbol of simplicity and well-being. With just two ingredients – magnesium and water, offering unmatched purity and safety, suitable for the whole family, even expecting and breastfeeding mothers. Discover the well-being benefits for your family.


Key Benefits:

Gentle Relaxation: Pure Magnesium helps gently relax muscles and fosters an inner sense of calm.


Safe for All Ages: Suitable for children (12 yrs +), adults and expectant mothers, providing a wide range of wellness benefits.


Versatile Wellness: Incorporate Pure Magnesium into your daily routine to support overall well-being, promote muscle relaxation, and enjoy more restful sleep.


Unscented: Our Pure Magnesium range is fragrance-free, ensuring a neutral and comfortable application.


Effective Magnesium Supplementation: Pure Magnesium offers a safe and effective way to supplement your magnesium intake, supporting your family's health and vitality.


Experience the purity and simplicity of Pure Magnesium, where well-being meets the  whole family.



Certified Organic Magnesium Chloride, Distilled Water


How to use

Spray onto your abdomen, back, soles of your feet, and any other affected areas, gently massaging it in. Avoid using on broken or freshly shaved skin.

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