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Jigsaw Puzzle - Desert Flower

Jigsaw Puzzle - Desert Flower

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1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for mindfulness, anxiety and stress relief

“Desert Flower” includes Kangaroo footprints, birthing caves and two beautiful native Australian flowers; The eucalyptus flower and the Acacia pycnantha – commonly known as the golden Wattle.

About the Artist

Heidi Smith is the artist behind Elssie Art (@elssieart), named after Heidi's grandmother. Heidi is a Yuin woman living on Gubbi Gubbi land and a proud mother of two girls. 
She is passionate about painting artworks that reflect motherhood, family and Aboriginal country.
Her ancestors energy and connection to country is what inspires her artworks. 

Additional Info
50 x 70cm (finished size of puzzle)

Artist Designed
Brain Training
Australian Owned

Sample Review:


This puzzle is gorgeous! It's definitely one you end up wanting to frame. I found working section by section easiest. It was actually really cool to see the puzzle come together this way! The artwork is stunning and the puzzle quality is outstanding. I feel that this is an intermediate level puzzle. Enjoyable but challenging! Highly recommend!

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