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Calm Cabana

Expand - Program & Community

Expand - Program & Community

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Here's an overview of what we'll cover together as you shift out of chronic survival mode and step into calmer, present & manageable days...

  • Expand your coping skills to effectively manage your mental load, so you can feel less reactive and more responsive while juggling work, family + life

  • Identify your core values that spark purpose, fulfilment and joy in work + life, so you can create healthy boundaries and take action in line with what matters most to you

  • Make decisions from a place of inner trust, self-love and leadership, so you can show up as the best version of yourself and positively impact your work, children, relationships and life

  • Craft a supportive and personalised calm contract with yourself to lean on when the chaos shows up, so you can create long lasting calming habits and purposeful change that sticks

You'll also have access to:

  • Private online member community with regular coaching support for accountability, implementation & connection

  • Our proprietary subconscious recode audios to shift the subconscious blocks and triggers that activate your stress

  • A library of regulation routines and somatic practices to calm your nervous system in times of stress or overwhelm

  • Our popular self care planner template bundle to help reduce the mental load of working mum life

  • The Calm Calendar Guidebook that supports you to craft a supportive schedule that feels good to wake up to

  • Exclusive member discount on all mental wellbeing products on the Calm Cabana website

As an action taker, join us in the beta round of this program and secure a $500 saving of the program price

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