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Cotton Weighted Blanket - Various Sizes + Colours

Cotton Weighted Blanket - Various Sizes + Colours

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This coloured cotton weighted blanket is designed to fit on top of various sized beds. This gives the best calming effect to people with sensory sensitivities.

Travel: 90cm x 112cm
Queen: 146cm x 205cm
King: 185cm x 205cm

We make our cotton weighted blankets with high quality cotton drill. 

Available colours:
Baby Pink, Light Grey, Navy Blue

How we make it:

  • Each weighted blanket’s calming effect comes from its weight. This comes from filling each blanket with the correct weight of micro glass beads.
  • The glass beads are the size of mustard seeds with smooth edges. 
  • Each blanket has evenly spaced, individually sewn pockets. We then fill each one with an equal weight of micro glass beads. This means that the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed across your whole body.
  • We fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding. This keeps the glass beads evenly spread through each pocket. 

Care instructions: 
You can machine-wash this Cotton Weighted Blanket on cold, gentle cycle.

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