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Bliss - Deep Sleep Face Mist (Sweet Floral Scent)

Bliss - Deep Sleep Face Mist (Sweet Floral Scent)

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"I love this sleep spray! It is so pretty and smells wonderful, but most importantly it really helps me sleep. Especially when I’m out of routine, travelling or needing to wake up early, this helps me relax and fall asleep more quickly. So glad this product exists." - Chelsea, Bliss enthusiast

A must-have addition to your night time routine, our Bliss Face Mist will help heal your soul and skin while you sleep. Enjoy more joyful, productive days and restful nights with our Bliss Face Mist. Specially formulated for women, the Bliss spray is created using pure therapeutic grade Australian essential oils and infused with Rose Quartz crystals by our certified Naturopath. Take time for yourself and reap the benefits of this soothing face mist. Best paired with a moment of meditation as you deeply inhale the essential oils for lasting benefits.

The Goodness In Each Bottle Chamomile / Coconut Complex/ Frankincense/ Grapefruit Seed Extract/ Lavender/ Rosalina/ Rosemary Extract/ Rose Water/ Sweet Marjoram/ Vanilla Oleoresin/ Vetiver/ Aqua

Naturopath Formulated Blend

Our Bliss Face Mist uses all natural ingredients formulated by our certified Naturopath for their beneficial properties in aiding sleep disorders and restlessness. The Bliss Face Mist helps you fall into a deep, uninterrupted sleep with its therapeutic blend of stress-relieving oils including Chamomile, Lavender, Frankincense and Marjoram. A beneficial skin care and sleep treatment all-in-one, the Bliss Face Mist includes Lavender, which is high in antioxidants and helps to slow the aging process, Frankincense to help boost the immune system and Rose Water, which hydrates the skin  and soothes dermal irritation. Every single product in our range has passed our "would we" test - and we are happy to say that, every bottle, we would have no problem giving it to our own friends and family to use. This is how confident we are about the quality and effectiveness of our products. 

Energized with Rose Quartz crystal ball

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