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Slay The Day - 7 Day Voxer Mini-Mind Program

Slay The Day - 7 Day Voxer Mini-Mind Program

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June Cohort - Starts Monday 17th June 2024

Ready to live more intentionally as a working mum of littles, and finally feel like you control the day rather than it controlling you?

Then this week long mini-mind hosted in Voxer is the perfect loving push & support you need to get a more manageable lifestyle kick-started!

Each day I'll be dropping into the group with an audio training & daily action to empower you to slay the day.

You'll also have access to community support from the other members cheering you on and sharing wins, with daily coaching support from me answering your questions.

This is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Create a more manageable schedule where you feel more in control of how you structure & use your precious time

  • Feel stuck in autopilot, survival mode or on the hamster wheel and want to live more intentionally with presence & purpose

  • Want to put your needs back on the to-do list and feel more capable in juggling work, family & life without the mum guilt

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