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Focus - Aromastick Natural Inhaler

Focus - Aromastick Natural Inhaler

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Aromastick FOCUS

A stimulating blend of aromatic essential oils to improve alertness & concentration.

What is it for?

Aromastick FOCUS improves cognitive performance.

Why is this important?

Daily demands make it easy to lose focus which can result in mistakes and under performance.

Who is it for?

Everyone needing to perform under the pressure of demanding mental tasks.


Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil, Organic Cinnamon Bark Oil.


Two to three inhalations through each nostril while holding one nostril closed. Repeat as desired.

What happens when you sniff Aromastick FOCUS?

Published research shows that the unique blend of the Aromastick FOCUS improves focus and processing speed while reducing the number of mistakes.
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