What To Do When You're Having A Tough Day


Not everyday is going to be sunshine and butterflies, and nor should it be. There's always going to be great days, good days and not so great days no matter who you are.

But even though the tough days are inevitable, it's doesn't have to mean they're insurmountable. There are some great ways that you can support yourself to move through heavy feelings, thoughts or situations - just check out our range of products for mental wellbeing at Calm Cabana for a few ideas!

But here's my go-to mindset shift when I find myself getting stuck in negative thought patterns and feel like my day is going downhill fast...

I bring my attention to how far I've come from the past versions of myself.

So often we're constantly thinking about the future (hey anxiety!) and the dreams/goals/ideals that we're aspiring towards, that it's so easy to feel like we're not making progress or living our best life.

But there's a past version of you that's thinking 'wow, look at you go - you've learnt and overcome so much'.

Even if right now it feels like you're going backwards or maybe even worse off than your past self, you're still at a higher vantage point and lens than you were back then. Sometimes the struggles are what build the strength, and the season you're in right now is perhaps teaching you more than you realise.

Switching your focus to everything you've gained up until now, is a simple but effective perspective shift to bring gratitude and pride into your consciousness.

As soon as I start feeling like I'm not measuring up or good enough...I intentionally bring my attention to how far I've come and all the good I've been doing that I can overlook.

Try it yourself and let me know how it feels!

Michelle xx

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